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Top 5 Easy Vodka Cocktails for Beginners

A Broken Mule cocktail in a copper mug with limes

The Best Beginner Vodka Cocktails


Broken Shed Vodka is the perfect spirit to make a range of delicious and simple cocktails. All of the cocktails below only require two or three key ingredients and can be easily prepared within minutes. If you’re looking for something simple that’ll still impress your friends—these are all great options.

A cocktail with limes next to a bottle of Broken Shed

1. Shed & Tonic

Gin’s great. There’s no doubt about that. But we’re big fans of the vodka version of this classic drink. Refreshing and crisp, this is the perfect go-to for a hot day (or a cold one, we’re not going to judge).

A martini with olives next to a bottle of Broken Shed

2. Broken Martini

(The World’s Cleanest Dirty Martini)

Need we say more? This elegant drink is an absolute classic—and a great way to truly appreciate the clean, smooth flavour of Broken Shed. Stirred, not shaken, is the best way to prepare a proper vodka martini (sorry, Bond).

An yellow cocktail with lemons next to a bottle of Broken Shed

3. Lemon Shed

A bright, citrusy cocktail, the Lemon Shed only requires lemon juice, simple syrup, and the best-tasting vodka in the world. Easy as that.

A cocktail in a copper mug next to a bottle of Broken Shed and limes

4. Broken Mule

Get your copper mugs out—another effortlessly refreshing option is the Broken Mule.

A brown cocktail with orange slice and metal straw

5. Vodka E Chinotto

For something a bit different, give the Vodka E Chinotto a spin. This super simple drink combines the classic Italian soda known for its fresh aftertaste, with New Zealand’s freshest and cleanest vodka. It’s a match made in heaven!

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