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New Zealand’s Premium Vodka

The Story


“Two people walk into a shed…”

It all started many years ago in a rustic old shed on the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Wanaka. Two explorers were enjoying a drink together, when it dawned on them that they should make a vodka themselves. One which captured everything about the place they were in at the time.

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Together they set out...

With the help of a knowledgeable friend, they set out to make their vision a reality. It was a year of developing, testing and sampling. Friends and family gave it a try. People at parties, too.

A bottle of Broken Shed on a rock next to a lake

...and discovered their two most important ingredients.

Through blind taste testings, they eventually settled on two waters. One naturally-filtered through ancient rock from a 15,000 year-old South Island aquifer. The other, pure spring water from the North Island.

If it ain't broke...

And once we found the recipe, we stuck to it. Years later, we make Broken Shed the very same way. No additives or GMOs. Just an incredibly pure vodka.

“Behind our craft heritage is a dedication to purity.”

Broken Shed Vodka is handcrafted in Wanaka, New Zealand from all natural and renewable resources. We use the purest waters, sourced from New Zealand’s most precious reservoirs and combine it with natural whey distilled three times. Each batch of Broken Shed Vodka is the product of our master blender, adhering to our strictest, most exacting, standards. That’s what makes Broken Shed the world’s most unique vodka.

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Broken Shed Vodka Bottle

You've heard the story, now taste the vodka

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