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Top Recipes for a Cocktail Party

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Vodka Cocktails To Keep Your Guests Happy

Cocktail parties can be classy and a lot of fun.

If you're planning on hosting a cocktail party, these guidelines will set you up for success:

Unless you have the world's best-stocked home bar and are confident serving anything, you'll want to create a menu.

Choose a few, easy-to-make cocktail recipes that you know will go down well with your guests. Here are a few of our crowd-favourite vodka cocktail recipes to help you get started.


An orange bowl of punch with a bottle of Broken Shed

All Things Nice Recipe

All of the ingredients in this vodka cocktail are easy to find. Best of all, this cocktail is made to be stirred over ice and served in a punch bowl. Warming, rich and inviting - everyone will want to try this party punch!

A cocktail in a champagne flute with lemon next to a bottle of Broken Shed

Broken 75 Recipe

This is our twist on the classic French 75 cocktail. It's easy and elegant, perfectly balancing sweet citrus and the dry sparkling wine.

South Island Seltzer Recipe

Taking the name from one of New Zealand's islands - the source of our ancient mineral water - this cocktail is bright, refreshing and easy to make for a crowd!

Dirty Shirley Recipe

Bubbly, sweet, and a lot of fun at a cocktail party. Our twist on the classic Shirley Temple is incredibly easy to make, and will keep your guests happy and refreshed on a hot day.

An orange cocktail with lemon garnish on a mossy rock next to a bottle of Broken Shed Vodka

The Favourite Recipe

Complex and aromatic, just as its name suggests, this vodka cocktail will soon become the favourite among your guests. Just remember to double up the recipe to serve more than one party guests if you have a large enough cocktail shaker.

The Perfect Cocktails For A Crowd

Best of luck introducing these vodka cocktails at your next cocktail party. 

If you're after a few more cocktail ideas that will keep a crowd happy, head to our Recipes page, and under the Styles drop down, simply tap "Cocktail Party" to see all of our easy-to-make classics. 

Hosting a cocktail party? Share your Broken Shed Vodka cocktails with us on social media, using #BrokenShedVodka and let us know which were your crowd favorites.

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