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Clean Vodka, Clean Cocktails

A bottle of Broken Shed with mountains in the background

Feel Better with Clean Cocktails

Vodka is often considered one of the spirits that's better for you. And we’re proud of the fact that Broken Shed is made using only pure spring and alpine water from New Zealand combined with whey. Since our water is rated as some of the best on earth and our vodka is free of additives, Broken Shed is clean, confident, and smooth to the mouth with a well-balanced finish.

Broken Shed Vodka is poured into a glass with ice

Appreciate the true flavour of your vodka

And from clean vodka comes clean cocktails. While Broken Shed is great for all your favourite concoctions, we like to enjoy ours with just the essence of all-natural ingredients. There’s no need to hide in sugary mixes when you start with vodka as delicious as ours. High caloric, sugary juices and artificial mixers are a sure-fire way to overpower any the vodka’s flavour (and feel worse the next morning).

Liquid is poured into a cocktail with lime and mint

How to start your clean cocktail journey

If you’re looking to appreciate the pure, crisp taste of Broken Shed, a cocktail free of impurities is the way to go. Crafting a clean cocktail with Broken Shed Vodka is simple — pick a natural ingredient and mix to your taste. It’s all about what you like. Depending on how you take your drink, add crushed ice, tonic, soda, or a mild, simple syrup to taste. For a fruity twist, muddle or squeeze your favourite fresh fruits. If you prefer a crisp and clean flavour, simply add citrus zest.

To get you started, here’s how to prepare Broken Shed Vodka with just a simple orange peel garnish.

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