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Infused Broken Shed Vodka Cocktails

An orange bowl of punch with a bottle of Broken Shed

Take your cocktail game to the next level

From Martinis to Cosmos, the crisp taste of Broken Shed Vodka was made to shine through. 

But, if you're looking to up your cocktail game, you'll find that Broken Shed is perfect for highlighting other flavours too.

With these infusion ideas, you'll discover a whole new world of cocktail inspiration.


Verb (used with object),in·fused, in·fus·ing

to imbue or inspire (usually followed by with):
The delicious cocktail is infused with all-new flavours.

How Do You Infuse Vodka?

You already know that Broken Shed Vodka is made with just three ingredients. A major benefit of not being packed with additives, preservatives or artificial flavors is that Broken Shed is incredibly effective at absorbing other flavors.

Want a vanilla-flavored vodka? Put some vanilla bean in a bottle of Broken Shed for a few hours. What about a mint-flavored vodka? Try mint leaves or peppermint tea bags.

The longer you leave to infuse, the stronger the taste. Infusing for an hour will create a subtle taste, while infusing overnight or a couple of days will produce more intense flavour sensations.

Instead of using the artificial-flavours you'll find in other flavoured vodka ranges, creating your own infusions gives you a natural-tasting, flavoured vodka that you can use to create a new range of infused-cocktails.

While it's always fun to experiment with flavour combinations, we've got some tried, tested and true infusion recipes you can follow.

Brown Butter Sage Vodka

A touch of sweet, a hint of earthiness. There's a lot to love about the complex, rich flavours of this brown butter and sage infusion.

Hibiscus Bitters

A vodka infusion that you can add to other Broken Shed Vodka cocktails! Add dash or two of this Hibiscus Bitters into your next Broken Martini or Shed & Tonic.

Mint Condition

Mint and chocolate is a classic combo. Infuse Broken Shed Vodka with mint tea bags to create this truly decadent hot chocolate.

A bubbly cocktail garnished with pineapple and a metal straw next to a bottle of Broken Shed

Solar Power

Sweet, tropical, and just a bit spicy. Infusing Broken Shed Vodka with pineapple may take some time, but one sip of this cocktail will prove it's worth the wait.

Have Fun With Broken Shed Vodka Infusion

Did you know, you can search for vodka infusion recipes? On our Recipes page, under the Techniques drop down, simply tap "Infused" to see all of our favorite vodka flavor combinations.

Why stop there? There's a lot of fun to be had creating your own vodka infusions. What kinds of flavours could you create if you added your favourite fruit, lollies, or tea to some Broken Shed Vodka and let it infuse?

Share your Broken Shed Vodka cocktails with us on social media, using #BrokenShedVodka and let us know your favourite vodka infusions.

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