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Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Mixologist

A person pours a drink into a glass from a cocktail shaker

The Best Gift Ideas for the At-Home Mixologist


We’ve all got someone in our lives who’s our go-to cocktail maker. They’re our stay-at-home bartender, a portable mixologist and the one who’ll ensure your drink is made just right—even if they’re not the one making it. So why not treat them to some tools that’ll help kick their skills up a notch? It’s the perfect setup. You give them a gift they’ll love (plus actually use) and they’ll need someone to test their new creations out on… you get the picture.


Vapor is poured over a cocktail resting on a stack of books

1. Boozy Book

Find a cocktail guidebook that dives deeper into the world of mixology, such as The Craft of The Cocktail by Dale DeGroff or Death & Co: Modern Classics, which contains 500 of the most popular cocktails from the bar Death & Co which is a must-visit destination for cocktail enthusiasts (and once named America’s Best Cocktail bar). Having a guidebook at hand can spark even more creativity for your mixologist friend.

Someone zests a lemon

2. Stocking Stuffers

The greatest cocktails have minimal and fresh ingredients. All your mixologist needs are some simple little tools to create these classics. Some of our favourites are zesters and citrus reamers for creating cocktails that are natural and clean. Or even better a multi-tool that combines both.

A bottle of Broken Shed in the snow

3. A Bottle of Broken Shed Vodka

The most important element of any cocktail is the quality of the spirit used. A good vodka cocktail needs a clean, smooth spirit to set the tone. Broken Shed Vodka is crafted using the cleanest water on earth from the South and North Islands of New Zealand. Find out where to buy a bottle here.

A person fills a dropper with liquid

4. Bitters Kit

For those getting a bit more advanced with their drink-making, a bitters kit could be the way to go. Most mixologists will want to make their cocktails from scratch and this kit allows them to go the extra mile by creating their own bitters. It’s a major step up from buying a pre-made bottle.

Ice balls with flowers frozen inside

5. Ice Ball Maker

The coolest gift on this list, spherical ice works better for cocktails than regular shaped ice. A spherical piece of ice will release less water into your drink, making the flavour last longer. That makes it an ideal gift for a mixologist looking to up their game.

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